Samsung is gearing up to unveil its latest flagship smartphone this week – the Galaxy Note 9.

Despite several leaks leading up to the device’s 9th August unveiling, you may not know all that the Galaxy Note 9 will be touting.

That’s where we come in, providing you with a handy list of the features that the South Korean manufacturer has imbued into this latest offering below.

If you want to be pleasantly surprised don’t read any further, but if you’re keen to find out if the Galaxy Note 9 is worth the fuss, scroll down.


There’s unfortunately not much to write here. The Galaxy Note 9 is not going to bring anything new to the fore in terms of design, and will look fairly similar to its predecessor.

The display is marginally larger at 6.4″, according to reports, with Samsung narrowing the amount of bezel on the side of the device. The top and bottom are the same, so no all-screen design here, unless the company has done an amazing job of hiding another model.

The fingerprint sensor has shifted position on the rear, moving underneath the main camera instead of next to it as was the case on the Galaxy Note 8.

And that’s about it really. There are three different colour options mentioned (blue, silver, and black), but we’ll have to wait and hear from Samsung Mobile South Africa on the night to find out which variants are landing locally.

New Stylus

Perhaps the most significant improvement to the Galaxy Note 9 will be its stylus, also known as the S Pen.

This one feature helped separate the Note from other phablets over the years, and we’re still struggling to know why other manufacturers did not adopt a similar interface.

This S Pen is said to be a different colour to the rest of the Note 9. In some of the leaked promo material, a bright yellow (or possibly gold in real life) S Pen has been spotted ejecting from its slot on a blue Note 9.

Whether all the smartphone models will have S Pens that feature different colour options remains to be seen.

As far as features go this S Pen is rumoured to house added Bluetooth functionality that will allow users to use the stylus as an interface to toggle devices like media players on and off, or a remote clicker for presentations.

With the S Pen the Note series’ best feature, an update is long overdue.

Bigger Battery

The Note 9 is a big phone, which means it needs a battery to match. This iteration is stepping things up to a 4 000mAh (700mAh more) offering that’s said to last a full day and then some if Samsung’s marketing material is to be believed.

With the Note series’ recent history a little spotty when it comes to batteries, it should be interesting to see if the increase in battery size for the Note 9 still ensures things run smoothly.

Along with an increase in capacity, the new battery will cater to fast charging, although there’s no mention of how quick it will be.

More storage

The battery isn’t the only thing getting larger on the Galaxy Note 9. The onboard storage is swelling to 512GB for one of the models, with the microSD slot catering to a further 1TB extra if needed.

If the amount of space available on the Note series was a concern before, it shouldn’t be for this upcoming iteration.

Galaxy Watch

The Note 9 won’t be the only new device that sees the light of day on 9th August, with Samsung preparing to debut the Galaxy Watch too.

This Tizen OS sporting wearable has already been spotted on Samsung’s international website, but has since been removed.

In the short time it was viewable, the deign of the Galaxy Watch looks a bit more fashioned-focused than the Gear smartwatches.

Whether or not Samsung will be bundling the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch locally when the pair are available is not known yet.

Overseas price

We don’t know how much the Galaxy Note 9 will cost when launched in South Africa, or indeed when it will be available, but given Samsung’s recent history, the device should go up for pre-order the day off the reveal.

Local pricing is harder to peg down for now, but a recent leak placed the UK version of the 512GB model at £1 150 (~R19 955). With the Note 8 costing just shy of R17k, and factoring inflation, a R20k price tag on the Note 9 is not hard to imagine.

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