With Facebook taking several hits in the past few months, this week there’s a bit of good news for those interested in the dating service they’re developing.

According to The Telegraph (paywall) the social media platform is adding a few more choices to its dating app.

More specifically it will allow users to choose from five different genders when picking those they’re wishing to match with.

The options, although unconfirmed by Facebook, are said to be: Man, Woman, Trans Man, Trans Woman and Non-Binary People.

With gender accepted as a far broader spectrum than it was in previous decades, it should be interesting to see if Facebook expands on these five different choices when the dating app officially hits the market or increases in popularity.

The reason behind the addition of several matchup choices, apart from reflecting current views on gender, is also to foster the creation of serious relationships, explains The Telegraph.

Added to this will be the ability to “unlock” groups or events within the dating app in order create a bit more social interaction.

With Facebook often considered a place where relationships aren’t always as genuine as one hopes, their desire to create a more authentic online dating experience is good to hear.

Whether it actually turns out being one remains to be seen.

There is no launch date slated for the dating app, but Facebook employees are currently testing out the service internally.

What is known though, is that users have to be over 18 and will need to communicate via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Is this a dating app you’d be interested in? Let us know on Twitter and uh Facebook of course.


[Image – CC0 Pixabay]