In one of the more intriguing crossovers, The Walking Dead and Tekken 7 have a new character in store for gamers who access the Season Two Pass of the fighting title – Negan.

Yes, the most recent (and perhaps most formidable) antagonist from The Walking Dead comic books and TV series will be making his way onto a new medium.

The character, who is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the AMC-produced series, will be a fixture in the Season Two Pass of the game, which is currently available to purchase on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We’re not sure if the playable character in the game will look exactly like his on-screen version, with only his silhouette and signature leather jacket/scarf combo viewable at the moment.

If we had to venture a guess though, the chances are high that Morgan’s visage will come to life on the console for Tekken 7.

This isn’t the first time that the Tekken series has pulled in characters from other franchises. with Akuma of Street Fighter fame being the most recent addition.

Along with Negan, the Season Two Pass of Tekken 7 will also be adding Anna Williams and Lei Wulong to the mix.

We already know that Negan can be pretty destructive with a barbwire wrapped baseball bat in his hands, so it should be interesting to see what damage he can do to the game’s current roster.

Hit play on the trailer below to see what the rest of the Season Two Pass has in store.

On a side note, if Negan is now in Tekken surely Michonne should be making her way there too?