Google is finished baking its latest mobile operating system and is ready to roll it out to compatible devices. Yes, Android 9 Pie (a rather unimaginative name if you ask me) will be landing on a select number of devices as of today, starting with Google Pixel smartphones.

This initial access for Pixel phone owners does come with one significant caveat as the full spectrum on new features on Android 9 Pie will only be available later in the year.

These features are some of the ones that Google revealed at its I/O 2018 developer event earlier in the year, with the Digital Wellbeing suite the main aspect on hold for now.

As such, the ability to access the Digital Wellbeing dashboard, along with app times and the wind down setting designed to help users prepare for sleep, will not be available on the version of Android 9 Pie porting to devices over the air today.

Other Android devices outside the Google-designed Pixel hardware ecosystem will be receiving their updates later this year, although no schedule for specific manufacturers or devices has been mentioned yet.

To that end it will have to be a waiting game, with higher profile devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note ranges often being the first to receive the new software.

Those touting a Nokia (now manufactured by HMD Global) could also get Android Pie before others, with these devices all sporting a pure version of Android and routinely one of the first lineups to get updates sent their way.

With Pixel hardware not officially sold in South Africa, there could be a bit of wait until we get to try out Android 9 Pie locally.

As such, we may have to see what upcoming devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Sony’s IFA 2018 flagship phone or Huawei’s next Mate offering will be sporting in order to get a taste of Android 9 Pie.