The africast is different again this week thanks to a star guest in Ben Myers – one half of Nyamakop, the South African developer who recently released Semblance.

If you’ve somehow not heard of Semblance – it’s been called the playdough platformer and the first true platformer thanks to its unique set of mechanics that allows you to deform both the world around you, and the player character Squish.

We first played Semblance at the Home Coded stand at rAge in 2016, and now it’s been spun into a full game garnering the title of the first African game to appear on the Nintendo Switch.

Myers will tell us how the game started life as student project, before gaining momentum and going on a world tour where it garnered international press and a publisher.

We also touch on Semblance’s connections to Japan, the origin of Nyamakop, and playtest face.

See more about the game in the links below and, if you want to support a South African game, the links for that are there too.

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