As more and more schools ditch paper and move their classes onto a digital platform, the choice of what device to bring into school becomes increasingly important.

While a smartphone is the obvious choice, the smaller displays can make it difficult to read larger textbooks, and typing up notes can be a chore. On the other end of the scale there’s laptops which, while providing a larger screen and a keyboard, are a bit too complex for younger students.

Tablets, then, find themselves providing the perfect balance of size, usability and portability for school at any level, and Samsung’s Tab range offers a model for every application.

Pre- and primary school children will find the Tab3 a perfect fit. The 7inch, 1 024 X 600 screen is great for edutainment apps and exploring videos on YouTube kids. The slightly thicker bezels make it easier to hold and protect that screen should it take a tumble. At just 322 grams it’s a lightweight and won’t weigh down school bags like bulky textbooks would.

For the older primary school students as well as those in high school who need a bigger screen, the Tab E is the way to go. The 9.6inch, 1 280 X 800 display offers up just that, along with software to make use of that extra screen real estate. The multi-window feature allows two apps to be used at once, stacking them next to each other. In school or at home studying, this eliminates the need for a second device. The frustration of switching between the homework questions and the answers is gone, and working on projects with an internet tab open is seamless.

When the workload at the end of high school and university comes along, the Tab A cannot be beaten in its productivity options. The killer feature here is the S Pen. This stylus allows easy note taking with quick notes, and adding diagrams and signatures to documents is simpler than ever. And, while we’ve been speaking about personal devices up until now, the Tab A’s Multi-User Mode may be exactly what you need for sharing a single tablet.

Up to eight people can share a single Tab A, each with their own custom home screen and apps. A small classroom can all share one tablet to learn about how it works, all the kids in one family can take turns doing their homework, a university group can pass it around. The options here are limitless. It also helps that it has the biggest screen here at 10.1inch and a sharp 1 920 X 1 200 resolution.

Aside from the specific features mentioned for each model, all these tablets share the known Samsung quality and ubiquity, making after-sales support and peripheral purchases easy.

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