If you still have a bunch of floppy disks lying around and no old computer to run them on, you could potentially use your phone instead.

All you need to get this going is a generic floppy disk drive that works over USB, a phone and an on the go connector, or any other dongle that allows a full USB to be connected through the phone’s port.

This fantastic, albeit silly idea comes to us from Lazy Game Reviews. LGR is one of the biggest names in the growing retro tech space on YouTube, and you may have seen one of his videos around mixing old and new in “Cuphead on a Black & White CRT TV“.

After writing Commander Keen to a floppy disk, the free version of Magic Dosbox was used to read the files and play the game on a Samsung Note 8 using on-screen controls.

But if that wasn’t authentic enough for you, LGR went one step further by throwing an IBM Model M keyboard into the mix. Keyboards already work on any Android device, so it was just another case of using adaptors and dongles until the two were connected.

Finally, as the last bit of absurdity, a USB hub was used so that the drive and keyboard could be used simultaneously.