Sometimes a game will come out of nowhere and get you excited, and Bloodroots’ promise to use a ladder as a weapon before pole vaulting over a wall has done just that.

This new game recently got a very enticing reveal trailer (embedded below) which shows off the player’s character¬†Mr. Wolf being betrayed by his friends and going on a bloody revenge streak.

It’s not the most original story, and we bet that those characters in our header image will be the bosses, but you really don’t need one when the gameplay looks so fun.

It’s not every day you see wagon wheels being thrown around as weaponry. Outside of the this great environmental interaction, the game looks incredibly smooth with seamless transition between using objects for different purposes. We hope that translates into the game and isn’t cherry picked for the trailer.

Bloodroots is being developed by a relative unknown in¬†Paper Cult Games. According to Steam their last outing was Fat Mask which, if we’re being honest, we have not heard of until now.

This new game has the nebulous release of “2019” with both PC and console receiving it, though which exact console(s) has not been specified.

There is a Steam page for the PC version and you can sign up to receive newsletters on the official website if you’re so inclined.

Looking through the Steam descriptions of the game we see mention that you’ll even be able to use a carrot as a weapon. We hope they bring in the almighty pencil, chosen implement of death for Jokers and John Wicks everywhere.