Snapchat recently released its earnings report for Q2 2018 and it makes for mixed reading.

Over the past six months the company has been doing everything from a complete redesign to adding more features and even releasing new Spectacles in order to keep pace with rival Instagram.

Those efforts have proved both positive and negative if the Q2 report is to be believed.

The bad news is that Snapchat saw a drop of 2 percent, or roughly 3 million, in its user base with the current number sitting around 188 million.

As Engadget points out, it’s also the first time that the company’s user numbers have dropped to date, which could potentially signal a trend for the coming quarters.

The drop in numbers is down to the recent redesign that Snapchat made to its platform, which didn’t go down well with the majority of users, as well as there being several reported issues with the Android version of the app, explained CEO Evan Spiegel.

For now there is no immediate cause for concern though, with the aforementioned 188 million daily active user count being 8 percent higher than the social media platform managed during the same period last year.

Snapchat has also seen its monthly active user count rise to 100 million in the US and Canada, which are territories dominated by Instagram.

Revenue also saw a significant rise with Snapchat raking in $262 million in Q2, which is an increase of 44 percent compared to 2017’s Q2 and 11.9 percent up from the previous quarter.

That bump in revenue might have to do with a recent investment of $250 million by Prince Al-Waleed Talal of Saudi Arabia, with Snapchat still operating at a net loss of $353 million.

As for what plans Snapchat has in place to keep going for the rest of the year, Spiegel did note that its Augmented Reality Spectacles 2 and its Publisher Stories and Shows could hold the answer.

“When combined with our efforts in augmented reality, we believe Spectacles represent an exciting opportunity…┬áThe number of people who watch Publisher Stories and Shows on iOS every day has grown by more than 15 percent this year,” Spiegel added.

Whether 2019’s Q2 proves to be as mixed as this year’s remains to be seen.