One of the most unique items in Mario Tennis Aces in the Wooden Racket which features gears where the strings would be. Not practical as a racket, but a cool game design that would look even better in the real world.

Making that a reality is Tim and Robyn Schmit, a pair of husband and wife makers who go by “Dethkake ‘N’ Crow” online. We spoke to Tim who told us how this print came to be.

Starting in Fusion 360, the modelling took 14 hours over two days, with much research needed to find out how these types of planetary gears work and how they could be replicated. A screenshot from the game was used for much of that reference work.

Aside from needing to figure out the complex gears, Schmit says that almost every part of the design process was difficult. He also wanted to make the finished print free of any epoxies or glues, so extra work had to be done here to ensure that could happen.

He does, however, add that newcomers should not be intimidated by CAD software and complex projects, as this print was accomplished with only four months of experience.

Printing also took around 14 hours to complete resulting in a racket that is 43.2 centimetres long, 19.9 centimetres wide and 4 centimetres thick. Some wood screws are used here to keep the neck strong and prevent any breakages.

As the pieces are separated by colour, no painting is needed here and you can make your own by downloading the free files from Thingiverse.

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