August is a fairly busy month for us here at, with Gamescom next week and IFA 2018 kicking off a few days after that (31st August to 5th September). There are a number of significant announcements scheduled for the latter, with Huawei’s latest Kirin 980 chipset likely being one of the biggest.

In a press release sent our way recently, Huawei talks about the role that smaller chips play in signalling true smartphone innovation. It’s an argument that’s hard to deny, and one we’re not going to.

Instead our eyes were more drawn to the details surrounding an upcoming chip that Huawei has planned to reveal in Berlin at the month’s end.

“Huawei will unveil the Kirin 980 at IFA, which will be the first commercially available 7nm chip in the world. The Kirin 980 will power the Mate 20 Series,” notes Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei CBG in the aforementioned release.

This confirms the existence of the Kirin 980, not that there was much to say it was not being made, but Huawei have also seemingly revealed some of the processor’s capabilities.

“Rumors say that the Kirin 980 will feature an octa-core CPU comprising four A76 cores and four A55 cores, with the larger cores running as fast as at 2.8GHz—if those are true, the Kirin 980 will have the most advanced ARM CPU core configuration at launch,” the release goes on to say.

Precisely why a Huawei press release would mention such information without it being true is unclear, that’s why we think these are indeed the specifications that the Kirin 980 will feature when unveiled at IFA 2018.

The 7nm design, along with “rumoured” core configurations could then make it one of the most powerful smartphone processors brought to market to date.

With Apple also said to have its own 7nm chip in the works for the next batch of iPhone devices later this year, it looks like Huawei is trying to beat its competitor to the punch.

“The Kirin 980 will be far better than competitors,” added Yu in a recent interview according to the release.

As for what else the Mate 20 will bring to the table when it’s officially unveiled in a couple of months, remains to be seen, but Huawei is clearly confident that it will be a highly coveted device.

“Huawei’s next device could well be the best Android device to come out in 2018. [The] Huawei Mate 20 will launch with the world’s first 7nm chipset this October – consumers won’t have to wait much longer to experience the power of a next generation processor,” the release concludes.

With Huawei starting off the year well with its P20 and P20 Pro duo, it looks like the Mate 20 will try to keep the momentum going.