In what’s becoming a number of articles on our new YouTube distractions, we’ve been watching the excellent channel Tolarian Community College and its series of videos about boxes for trading card game (TCG) decks.

While this channel does usually focus on Magic: The Gathering, the products it reviews are usually intended for standard size cards, which includes games such as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, the latter of which we do play.

Aside from our love of all things TCG-related, this channel has some of the most professional video work we’ve seen. Not only in production quality, but also in research and testing. When the host says that he spent weeks playtesting a box, we believe him.

Aside from looking at the common brands we get here in South Africa such as Ultra PRO and Dragon Guard, there’s also a lot of foreign brands without representation here. Furthermore, custom made deck boxes are reviewed including our new obsession in Leifkicker. We didn’t think we would ever want to splurge $100+ on a box to put cards into, but when they look like this, we may change our minds.

We’re currently on the 25th video of the 29-instalment series embedded below, and we notice one kind of deck box missing here: 3D prints. After seeing impressive boxes with gears, feathers and customisation, we would love to watch them reviewed on the channel.

We assume the reason they aren’t is because the series focuses on assessing boxes that are sold to the consumer and not ones that need to be made from scratch. We do hope to see some of the strange designs that pop up on Thingiverse and the like in the future, though.

Oh, and make sure to watch the videos at 1.5X speed. They’re still very easy to follow and you can fit more content into your day.