The asdfmovie series of internet shorts are around a decade old at this point, but thankfully Thomas Ridgewell (TomSka) is still creating them.

If you’re a bit too young to remember them, or you entirely missed this corner of internet humour, an “asdfmovie” is simply an animated video around two minutes long that depends on very quick, random jokes.

These were and remain very popular with the latest 11th instalment currently sitting at over seven million views.

While that video was uploaded a few days ago now, today we’re featuring something else. One of Ridgewell’s other YouTube channels – DarkSquidge – has bundled all 11 videos into a single compilation which you can view below.

We’re glad this was made and offered up in a way that benefits the original creator. Compilation videos like this are a mainstay of content thieves on the platform and they sometimes offer something that the creator does not.

When we interviewed SungWon Cho (you probably know him as “ProZD), he told us that he would also bundle his content like this to combat the thieves.

While this style of humour may become a bit grating at over 20 minutes, we have so many fond memories of this series that we’ll always suggest watching them, even if they do feel like a remnant of a younger YouTube.

By the way, if you only know Ridgewell for asdfmovie you’re missing out on the quality live action skits he occasionally uploads. Literal Drinks and Picture Perfect are two of our favourites.