Hearthstone’s latest expansion -The Boomsday Project – released last week and I decided to take the rest of the week off work to experiment.

On Tuesday evening I sat down to open the 174 packs I had purchased – 130 packs on pre-order and an additional 41 purchased with in-game Gold.

With all of those card packs I had one goal – open a pack that contained Whizbang the Wonderful.

My final Legendary after opening 171 packs.

Behold the ultimate power of your brain

What makes Whizbang unique is that the card is never played from your hand. Instead Whizbang creates a deck called “Whizbang is Wonderful” when you add the card to a deck and you are forced to play with one of 18 decks that are created using Hearthstone’s in-game deck recipes.

You can see all of these recipes in the gallery below.

When first revealed some Hearthstone players said this card would be great for new players but after playing with it for close on a week I can report that as a casual player Whizbang is wonderful and stressful.

Yes you get access to 18 decks (though which deck you get is random) but what Whizbang doesn’t give you is knowledge of every card available in Standard play today.

For an experienced player this might take you one or two turns to figure out but for a player like me that didn’t realise there was a card called Spellshifter from The Witchwood expansion, it can be rather stressful.

Git Gud

My stress caused by losing a digital card game with zero stakes aside, Whizbang has actually made me want to be a better player.

After playing a few games with Whizbang I started exploring this game I had been playing casually for many years a bit more. You see, for the last few months I’ve just wanted to win in Hearthstone and as such I turned to deck trackers and net-decks to try and win.

But Whizbang gives you something net-decks don’t – a chance to learn.

For one piloting a Whizbang deck makes me play more carefully when I need to. Because my deck tracker bugs out when I play a Whizbang deck I’m forced to remember the cards in my deck including the cards I’ve already played.

I’m finding myself considering what my opponent’s plan is more often than before, debating whether they have a card that could ruin my plans and trying to bait it out. All the while trying to bring my opponent’s health number down to zero.

Simply put, Whizbang has taught me the nuances of Hearthstone that I hadn’t picked up on my own or over the years of playing. As a casual player that loses more often than he wins, this has brought an element of fun back into the game. It also helps that I can blame Blizzard for building terrible decks.

That having been said, the deck recipes created by Blizzard aren’t all that bad and according to data from HSReplay compiled by Reddit user Aaron_Lecon, some of the decks are rather good.

Overall, Whizbang the Wonderful is a must-craft card for any Hearthstone player. Even if you end up losing every game because Whizbang gives you a Quest Priest deck, the games are fun and the air of mystery that precedes every game is great.

Whizbang is definitely wonderful, so wonderful that I might just craft myself a golden copy.

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