Roundtable Live, one of our favourite podcasts, has been cancelled after more than three years of airing.

This may be a slightly insular topic as Roundtable was never one of those exceedingly large productions, but for those of us in the community this is very sad news.

If you have never heard of it before, this show was run by the quartet of content creators in NorthernlionRockLeeSmileMathasGames and BaerTaffy.

You may know any one of these creators by their real names, other community nicknames, or the live show they run in the Northernlion Live Super Show. For anyone worried, the NLSS is unaffected by this change.

A bit of an explanation for this move was provided in a TwitLonger post, citing the need for the people involved to have more time for their other projects as well as their mental health.

Even though Roundtable focused on gaming, it was the personalities of the hosts that many people tuned in for. There were also a few guests appearances with some of our favourites being Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen.

Thankfully we will still be getting this personality-driven content in the NLSS, but many people loved the more structured format of Roundtable.

If you now have a hole in your podcast schedule, we highly suggest the Sardonicast. This show focuses on movies and not gaming, but it is another “super group” comprised of three creators who are already established and fun to listen to on their own.

If you like your entertainment news local to South Africa, we also run a podcast. Check out our edition focused on Semblance, which is the first African game to be published on the Nintendo Switch. One of the game’s developers is in it to tell us about how it was made.

Other good news is that the show’s archive is still available to watch on YouTube at your leisure: