If you have a spare four minutes and want to indulge in the brilliant crime drama Nobbleberry, you can now watch the director’s cut on YouTube.

Yes as you may have guessed we’re not being entirely serious here. “Nobbleberry” is a parody of these kind of shows created by Internet Comment Etiquette.

To reverse things even further, this is a comedy channel with the broad structure of leaving humorous comments on YouTube and other platforms, usually with one unifying theme.

The most recent addition focused on AI which was interspersed with the knockoff British show. While this would be entirely in line with the channel’s humour, it was done as a tie-in with the sponsor NordVPN. The conceit here being that a VPN would allow those outside of the UK to watch this kind of content.

While this is funnier in the context of that longer video (which you should definitely watch), it is available below. This director’s cut apparently features extra content, but we didn’t pick it up on during our initial watch.

Oh, and there’s a great connection here at the beginning of the video, if you like cringe comedy. One of the cops – specifically the one with the moustache – is Michael Tomasetti. You may simply know him as the Dust-Off gamer gear guy. Good to see him getting work outside of the infomercial scene.

Oh, and beware of strong language and adult humour throughout.