As with all upcoming games from major names in the industry, the Diablo 3 port for the Nintendo Switch has a fancy website full of information about the title.

Reddit user shy-shy-shy has, however, found a little extra on the site outside of the release date (US Fall 2018) and price ($60/~R889).

If you click on the image of a chicken under the title “raise some hell”, it will glow red. Continue “attacking” it and a flock of chickens will invade the screen.

If your barrage of mouse attacks continue, a larger chicken will then chase your cursor around the page. If you stop so will the chicken, but movement causes it to switch into flight mode while it hunts you down.

While it’s more fun if you do it yourself, you can see a gif of the Easter egg below.


This is, of course, a reference to the Legend of Zelda where chickens – called Cuccos – will attack the player if provoked.

This version of Diablo 3 will feature a Cucco as a pet exclusive to the Nintendo console. In addition to this there’s also a portrait frame featuring the Triforce, unique cosmetic wings, and the ability to wear Ganondorf’s armour through a transmogrification set.

If fancy HTML isn’t your thing, be sure to watch the announcement trailer which shows off a bit more for this version of the game.