With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 set to land in South Africa later this month¬†we thought we’d share something rather cool about the handset that we stumbled upon.

YouTuber Andrew Huang is a musician that likes to create sounds with anything from his mouth to synthesizers that look spacecraft controls. You might recognise the creator from his 300 words in a minute video.

Today, however, we have something much more awesome to share with you.

Every single Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will feature ringtones and notification sounds that were created by Huang. The musician shares his process of creating these sounds below.

The weird inclusion of “ASMR elements” in the brief aside, the first iteration of the ringtone is rather well done but the revamped version with the synth is by far our favourite.

It’s quite fascinating to see somebody take noises we hear everyday and turn them into music.

The creator also created two notification sounds that will feature in the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung has a long history of working with creators, perhaps most notably Casey Niestat, though we’re glad to see the firm working with folks like Huang who are doing some truly incredible and unique work.

We recommend checking out Huang’s channel if you are a fan of music or curious to learn to more about music.