It’s been some time since Apple refreshed the MacBook Air lineup, with the last notable update coming in 2015.

The three-year gap has prompted several rumours to begin churning about Apple’s slim notebook offering, as Bloomberg reports that a new model could be on the way.

The new version is said to be “low-cost”, we’re assuming by Apple standards, as well as featuring a slightly tweaked design and some elements from the Pro notebook.

The latter comes in the form of a Retina Display, with the current MacBook Air featuring a 13.3″ LED-backlit screen.

Added to this will be some slightly thinner bezels around said display, which could then place the MacBook Air in closer proximity to the 12″ MacBook and MacBook Pro as far as looks go.

Some notable information is missing from Bloomberg’s report though, with the go-to choice of ports unknown.

It’s also unclear if Apple will offer Space Grey or Gold colour options, as it has done recently for its newer notebooks.

As for the aforementioned low-cost, there is no suggested pricing mentioned at this stage, but should it be close to the current R13 999 (13″) asking price, then the MacBook Air could once again be one of Apple’s best-selling notebooks.

We shouldn’t have to wait too long to see if Apple does indeed have a new offering in the works, with the company’s perennial September-slated press conference fast approaching.

Along with the MacBook Air, Bloomberg also notes that a next-gen Mac Mini could also be on the way, which means Apple could have quite a few updated devices to unveil next month.

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