Last night Nvidia finally revealed its all new gaming focused GPUs powered by Turing technology – the RTX 20 series.

The graphics cards use Nvidia’s all new Real-Time Raytracing technology combined with artificial intelligence to bring startling smoothness and realistic lighting to games.

That’s all good and well but late last night local tech retailer Evetech revealed how much a RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti will cost you.

Right now the cards are available for pre-order carrying prices of R17 848.95 for the RTX 2080 and R26 248.95 for the RTX 2080 Ti. You can get a discount if you pay via EFT but this pricing is nothing short of ridiculous.

We know that the Rand is currently in the toilet ($1 will cost you R14.40 right now) and that importing goods into the country is expensive but R26 000 for a GPU? For that money we could buy a car, not a very good (or new) car mind you but we’ve checked the classifieds and there are cars available for the same price as a GPU.

If however, you’d prefer a graphics engine over an internal combustion engine then this is what your money will get you.

We hope to see some more affordable cards coming from Nvidia soon. Something to note is that Evetech hasn’t listed prices for the RTX 2070 which is currently available for $599 Stateside so we live in hope that the card is slightly more affordable though our hopes aren’t all that high.