If you’ve ever wanted to strap on the ludicrous Shovel Knight helmet complete with giant horns, you may be able to do so if you have the filament to spare.

User Zoljanzy has recreated the horned helm of the blue knight in a process we’ve been following since June of this year when we first came across the project as a pair of renders on Thingiverse.

They tell us that the modelling process in Fusion 360 started with the Shovel Knight amiibo. As existing models were difficult to find, this was used as the main reference despite the fact that it appears to be slightly taller compared to the in-game depiction.

The design process only took around three hours to complete with about two more needed after that to finalise everything before it could be sent to the printer.

The total print time came in at around six full days – four for the main helmet and a day for each horn. Apparently this could have been done faster with a better quality filament, as the one used here had a tenancy to underextrude when the speed was increased.

Thanks to the helmet’s simple colour palette painting can be avoided entirely if you have the three correct colours of filament and enough of it to go around.

The version you see on this page, while large, is just a bit too small to fit an adult. Not including the horns, the main helmet is 22 centimetres tall with an outer diameter of 17.5 centimetres.

From horn to horn it’s 47.3 centimetres, and the total height of the print is 31.8 centimetres.

If you’d like to print your own the files are available for free from Thingiverse. Those planning on making a wearable version remember to scale it to fit your head, unless all you’re looking for is a display piece for your shelf.