After featuring a 3D printed RC car based on the Mach 8 from Mario Kart, we have another model to feature in Lakitu.

Thingiverse user Zapyloop is to thank for this creation, which is actually a remix and started life out as Lakitu modelled on the regular Mario games.

They tell us that Tinkercad was used to create the new elements needed to signify this print as the version from Mario kart. Here the headset, starting lights, and fishing rod were created.

Meshmixer was then used to modify the hands and the cloud to work in these new parts. In total these changes and additions took around 20 hours to complete.

Printing, on the other hand, took slightly less time at 15 hours. This time was inflated due to the fact that the cloud was done with extra infill, providing a solid base for the finished piece. Those looking to save on plastic and get it done faster should consider leaving it hollow with some space for an alternative weight like coins.

While this was printed in multiple colours, some paint was needed for the silver ring on the headset and the green lightbulbs.

The finished model is 15 X 9 X 9 centimetres and uses a, appropriately, a bit of fishing wire at the end of the rod. You can see the scale of the print in the gallery below compared to a Nintendo Switch game box.

Files to make your own are available for free on Thingiverse, and you can see the original model over there too.

We’d love to see a version of this incorporating some electronics: LEDs for the lights and maybe even a magnetic levitation setup, though the latter would require a base.

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