Gamescom 2018 is currently underway in Cologne, Germany, which means there are a bunch of new trailers incoming. One of the more exciting ones is for Devil May Cry 5, with a release date for the game also forthcoming from developer Capcom.

Titled Devil Breaker, the trailer is relatively short at three minutes, but does at least feature some gameplay footage to whet the appetite.

Also appearing is our protagonist Dante, although it’s Nero that takes up most of the screen time.

It is Nero’s latest weapon that takes the focus in the trailer pasted below, with the Devil Breakers serving as a pair of mechanical arms that allow him to slay demons with a slew of new powers and abilities.

There are also different variations of Devil Breaker, with Capcom confirming to Polygon that eight in total exist at this stage.

One is called the Overture and can electrify enemies, and another is named Gerbera with the ability to send out a shockwave of intense heat.

As for Dante, he comes in near the end riding his latest weapon, a motorcycle that can split in two and be wielded like a pair of massive chainsaws.

By the looks of the trailer, Devil May Cry 5 is going to keep the wild visuals and gameplay of the hack and slash series alive and well.

The upcoming instalment in the franchise is slated to land on 8th March 2019, arriving on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.