Google wants to help you get ready for beach season, with the company revealing a redesign of its Google Fit app.

The new look and feel will be available to users of the Google Fit app on Android devices and Wear OS on iOS offerings.

With several different tech companies taking their own approaches to fitness tracking and apps, Google has decided to leverage the knowledge of the American Heart Association and World Health Organisation in order to design its Fit app to be a bit more holistic and feature a deeper understanding of trying to be healthy, according to the company.

That said, we’ve seen that the addition of tracking rings to the design is quite reminiscent of the interface that Apple employs on the Apple Watch.

Hopefully this version will prove a bit more accurate in terms of tracking, particularly when it comes to the different types of activities that a user might undertake.

The aforementioned rings are focused on Move Minutes and Heart Points.

The former encourages users to move more and sit less, and also includes notifications and advice such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or going for a walk with a friend.

We’ve seen this kind of system implemented on fitness apps in the past, with their success often tied to how willing the user is in getting healthier.

As for the Heart Points, they’ll be dished out to Google Fit users when they get their heart rate up. If, for example, one starts to jog for a few minutes during a usual route they walk, they’ll get some points.

Along with its own system for fitness tracking, Google Fit is compatible with other popular apps like Strava, Endomondo, RunKeeper and a couple more.

The redesigned Google Fit should be available to select users later this week, and roll out to others who have a compatible smartwatch or smartphone in coming weeks.

Whether or not health insurance companies like Discovery will also use Google Fit for its members, remains to be seen.