The Boomsday Project is the latest expansion for Hearthstone and, in addition to new cards, there is new single player content.

This time around the single player content takes the form of various puzzles one might encounter while playing Hearthstone.

The puzzles include figuring out how to kill your opponent, matching an opponent’s side of the game board exactly and clearing the board of minions.

Each “lab” contains four bosses each with a set of puzzles you must solve before you can face the next boss. Defeat all the bosses and you will face Dr. Boom who will give you a new card back should you defeat him.

Each Lab has bosses you will need to defeat in order to progress.

Some of the puzzles are really simple but others will have you pulling your hair out.

The Puzzle Lab went live last night at 7PM local time. After diving into the first set of puzzles I felt confident in my ability but as I progressed that confidence turned into white hot rage.

Some puzzles take a while to figure out and that requires a shift in mentality.

As you might be aware, in Hearthstone you only have 75 seconds (less in earlier turns) to play your turn. In the Puzzle Lab you have all the time in the world and while that is great, it requires players slow down and look at every resource they have available to them.

This is a very different mentality to playing in a real game but that is the beauty of the Labs, you’re experimenting and learning constantly.

Eventually I grew frustrated at my inability to spot lethal and, like a gamer living in 2018, I turned to the internet.

Despite the labs only being out for a few hours I was relieved to see that I was not as stupid as I thought I was. Many players were stumped by some of the puzzles and a quick search gave me the solution to the puzzle I was on.

The thing is, it sucked having the answer given to me. The joy I felt when I’d solved other tricky puzzles wasn’t there and while I had progressed it felt rather empty.

Had I slowed down and considered every single option I would have eventually figured the puzzle out.

My advice to players who are trying out the Puzzle Labs is to persevere and try every combination of cards you can to fulfill your goal without turning to the internet for the solution.

If however, you find yourself stuck on a puzzle I recommend checking out the Hearthpwn forum where players are helping others solve the trickier puzzles.

The Puzzle Labs are ultimately a lot of fun and I’d encourage all Hearthstone players to try them out, they are free after all. Who knows, you might learn one or two things that will earn you a spot in one of those “Top Hearthstone Moments” videos.