If the biggest thing stopping you from becoming an astronaut is the thought of not being able to play sports on the International Space Station (ISS), now you have no more excuses.

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev just uploaded a video to his personal YouTube account claiming to show off the very first tennis tournament to be played on the ISS.

Using what looks to be some cargo strapping as a net, the four players compete in a slightly slower game than the one you’d see on Earth.

Aside from Artemyev, the other contestants are Sergey Prokopyev (also from Russia), Alexander Gerst (Germany) and Andrew J. Feustel (USA).

There’s a bit of text at the beginning which we tried to translate using optical character recognition and Google Translate, but we didn’t get anything worth writing here.

If you can let us know what it says, outside of being a Star Wars spoof, let us know.

While this video is a bit short, it’s the perfect jumping off point for Artemyev’s channel.

We, like many others, found it a few days ago when it was doing the rounds for its unique content and surprisingly sparse viewership.

The channel has just 53K subscribers and the latest tennis video above has just under three thousand views.

The video that got us hooked (embedded below) was a tour through the ISS showing the longest route one can take in one continuous shot.

Make sure you explore the rest of the channel because there’s content here you won’t find anywhere else. From repairing a space suit to a docking timelapse, prepare to fall down a rabbit hole of space videos.