Last year around this time, Jaguar debuted a rather beautiful concept car – the E-Type Zero.

At the time it was only slated for showcasing how the company could take its classic vehicles and make them more environmentally friendly.

Now the E-Type Zero is going on sale, although Jaguar has not detailed for how much or indeed where the vehicle will be available.

Only those in the UK can register their interest in the all-electric offering, and given its killer looks we’re guessing they’ll be quite a bit of interest for it.

Obviously it’s styled after the iconic E-Type Jag (one of the best looking cars ever made if you ask us), but pop the bonnet of the Zero and its sporting something a whole lot different.

It features a similar electric engine to that of the Jaguar I-Pace, but the company does not mention how quick it actually is, simply stating that a sub-seven second 0-100km/h time is more than possible.

The I-Pace produces 294 kW and can do 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds. Considering the E-Type Zero is far lighter, it should be able to best that number, but we’ll have to wait for official figures from Jaguar to confirm.

In terms of driving range it’s going to less impressive, with a reported 273 kilometres being touted from the 40kWh battery onboard. Charging is also rather long at six to seven hours for a fully charged battery.

As such it will probably be a weekender vehicle, much like most classic cars are.

While it’s not featuring standout numbers compared to most of the all-electric cars set to hit the market in coming years, we have to say that none of them look quite as good as the E-Type Zero.

Whether British car purists will approve of the battery under the bonnet though, remains to be seen.

Let’s all pray to the car gods that Jaguar brings a few to South Africa to fawn over, and potentially purchase as well.

With Mini also showcasing an electric-version of its classic car, perhaps this is the way to go in order get more drivers interested in EVs.