A new partnership has been announced that will be welcome news for learners and those in the education space, with Econet and Snapplify collaborating to make a library of ebooks available.

More specifically the pair have partnered to ensure that hundreds of thousands of ebooks available to African readers across multiple digital platforms, including on mobile, tablet and desktop.

This library of content not only includes material from the education field, but works of fiction too, for learners to read for leisure as well.

The partnership leverages Econet’s presence in African countries like South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana, Lesotho, Ghana and Uganda, with Snapplify taking care of the content catalogue.

The true value of this partnership though, is that access to educational material and ebooks will be free thanks to zero rating the data required for downloading to read offline, or reading in real-time online.

Snapplify adds that the partnership will also benefit local publishers, who are invited to join in the project to increase access to digital educational content for schools that are increasingly moving towards digital education in their classrooms.

“As an African company with an African focus, Snapplify has always worked towards addressing education challenges. Not only does Econet also have a strong education focus, but, like Snapplify, they are specifically interested in practical solutions for common problems, such as access to materials and the high cost of data,” notes Mark Seabrook, Snapplify’s operations director.

“Econet has a long-standing commitment to leverage our reach to impact diverse audiences, and equip them with quality tools and resources for growth and empowerment. Econet is passionate about using our strengths and assets to make a sustainable change in this regard, and looks forward to working closely with Snapplify as leaders in our respective industries,” adds Tendai Mashingaidze, Econet’s education CEO.

Educators interested in getting their students free access to ebooks should visit Snapplify to find out how to sign up for the service.