If you’re still of the opinion that Electric Vehicles (EV) are not a thing, you clearly have not been keeping up with what the German carmakers are up to, with Audi and Mercedes-Benz both planning to debut new EVs later this year.

The latter appears to be beating its rivals to the punch with Daimler (which owns Mercedes-Benz) posting a video to their Twitter page teasing the impending debut of an all-electric SUV.

The moniker for the car is unknown, but Mercedes-Benz is slating the reveal for 4th September in Stockholm.

According to Engadget, the Stuttgart-based company says this new offering will not look or perform as radically as the SUV concept they debuted in 2016, but will rather look like a more conventional SUV.

To that end the futuristic display-touting grille featured in the aforementioned concept won’t be present. and neither will the more cutting-edge interior stylings.

That said, Mercedes-Benz is still talking up the SUV’s electric engine, with a 70kWh battery pack on the cards. Added to this is a reported 298kW of power, a 0-100km/h time under five seconds and estimated 498 kilometre driving range.

If the SUV can do all that, along with being comparatively priced with Mercedes’ other large cars and 4x4s, then this offering could indeed prove tempting.

No word on which countries will be receiving the vehicle, but seeing as how popular the brand is in South Africa, we’re optimistic that it lands locally.

For now we’ll have to wait until 4th September, when more information will be forthcoming.