Just recently we featured a 3D print from the world of The Witcher in the form of a sword with glowing LED runes, and now we have another model to mount on the wall.

This wolf’s head plaque is based on the symbol for the School of the Wolf, which is also the logo for the series and Geralt’s medallion.

Maker David Robinson created this piece, modelling it in Fusion 360. The model for the wolf part itself had already been created, so Robinson focused on creating the hunting trophy-style backing and the signs which surround the main print.

For the sake of fitting it onto a smaller print bed, the large hexagon was sliced into six pieces, with a central ring to keep everything together.

With the model perfected printing of all the pieces took around 18 hours. Once joined together this print measures in at 24.2 X 21 X 10.3 centimetres which, will large, looks to be a bit smaller than a real hunting trophy.

After this the head received three coats of acrylic putty spray, followed by some light sanding to fill in or hide the striations. To get that silver colour, Tamiya Light Gun Metal paint was used, then three coats of Tamiya TS-79 Semi Clear to act as a protective layer.

The eyes were done first in a metallic red, followed by a thick coat of transparent red to get a “candy apple finish”, as Robinson calls it. More of the clear coat was used here, but apparently a lot of the gloss finish was lost here.

The plaque needed less work to look authentic because a wood filament was used, and the signs stand out a bit more since they were printed in a gold colour.

Those looking to make their own should head on over to Thingiverse where the files are available for free.

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