This past weekend one of our favourite animators on YouTube – Felix Colgrave – unveiled a music video he had made for Cypress Hill and their track “Muggs Is Dead”.

If this is your first time watching Colgrave’s work, prepare for something of a trip.

We, like many others, first became aware of the Australian’s work when the video Double King did the rounds. If you don’t have time to watch a sub-10-minute animation, try Tainted Goods or The Pigpen.

Just note that both of these contain disturbing content and may not be the easy Monday watching you may like.

For this Cypress Hill collaboration, Colgrave was relatively brief on the matter stating on his personal site that he had also directed the piece with another Melbourne artist handling the backgrounds.

This is not the first time this animator has been involved in music. Back in 2016 he borrowed his unique style to the song Don’t Hurt Me by DJ Mustard, Jeremih and Nicki Minaj.

While we think the Cypress Hill track better matches the visuals, we’re always happy to see more of this type of content to watch, as it’s very easy to binge watch the entirety of Colgrave’s channel in a single sitting.

If you become a subscriber just be prepared to wait a few months between uploads, as there can be large gaps between them. The previous one, Dry Run, was less than two months ago, however.