How much time do you spend on YouTube?

Before you guess the answer, the site has rolled out a new feature that will tell you how much video you’ve watched based on your Watch History across devices.

For now you can only view your “Time Watched” on the YouTube mobile app, but it is rather revealing. I’ve included my own personal stats below.

To find this you’ll need to open YouTube on your Android or iOS smartphone, tap your profile picture and you’ll see the Time Watched option.

There you will met with your stats along with some other features that form part of YouTube’s Digital Wellbeing programme.

“At Google I/O in May, we introduced new tools that help people better understand their tech usage, focus on what matters most and disconnect when needed. Starting today, you can find all of the YouTube tools in one place, alongside your personal time watched profile,” YouTube director of product management, Brian Marquardt, wrote in a blog post.

These tools include reminders to take a break, muting notifications during certain hours and disabling notification sounds and vibrations during certain hours.

These can be customised by you with a few taps so that if – for example – you don’t mind getting notifications during the day but you do at night, you can set that up to meet your needs.

“We’re dedicated to making sure that you have the information you need to better understand how you use YouTube and develop your own sense of digital wellbeing. We hope these tips are a good start,” concluded Marquardt.