If 4K just isn’t cutting it for you, LG has you covered with a TV sporting a resolution of 7 680 X 4 320, or what the company is calling 8K.

We have very few details about this display right now other than the resolution, the 88″ size, and the fact that it uses an OLED panel, with LG predicting that shipments of OLED TVs will double in 2018.

Well, that’s not entirely true, we do have these two ridiculously cheesy promotional images which shows the TV on display, accompanied by two models. Thank you, generic pink shirt man, I would have completely missed the gigantic TV if you weren’t pointing at it.

This news comes as part of a series of announcements out of IFA 2018. Stay tuned to Hypertext for more in the coming days, and make sure you’re following us on Twitter for live tweets from the various broadcasts.

If you happen to be in Berlin for IFA right now, you can see this TV (which, as far as we can tell, doesn’t have an official designation yet) in person.

One feature we hope this device supports is the new VESA standard for HDR. LG is listed as a “member participant” on the official DisplayHDR page, but this tech may be saved for their gaming monitors.

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