After being announced around a month ago, the third Nintendo Labo kit now has an even better showcase of what it’s got on offer.

First off we get to see what exactly is in the box, as well as the rather impressive internals of some of the builds. The gearing system for the submarine controller, for example, has a clever gearing system hidden inside.

A lot of extra detail for the gameplay is shown off with the car having extra features we didn’t expect, like a dedicated mechanism for a speed boost and working wipers.

The big one here, however, is the ability to insert the Switch itself into the steering wheel to steer the car with gyro controls.

Some of the game world is shown off with what looks like 10 different zones with varying climates and objectives in each.

Taxing, golfing, racing and puzzle solving are all on the agenda so there’s something to do outside of driving aimlessly.

For multiple players there’s a quick mention of the co-op where one player drives and the other shoots. Slot car mode is also revealed which allows up to four players to race using only the acceleration medal. This, together with a battle mode, looks like it requires multiple Vehicle Kits to work.

Finally there’s customisation with the ability to turn scans into tracks and spray painting vehicles is also available.

All of this, together with the fact that this kit works with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, makes this kit the most interesting one to us, and may be the one we actually buy.

Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit launches 14th September 2018 for $69.99 with no South African price revealed just yet.