Bethesda and Valve have a fallout: 76 will not be available on Steam

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If you’re a PC gamer sick of having multiple launchers installed on your computer, you will need one more as Fallout 76 will not be sold through Steam.

This was revealed by PC Gamer who spoke to a Bethesda representative over email. Their suspicions were piqued by the Fallout 76 beta FAQ page stating that the PC version is “via” with no mention of another platform or the familiar Steam logo to be found anywhere.

Not only will the beta be locked out of Steam, but the full game will not be making an appearance on that platform either.

This move has people understandably frustrated, not only because they can’t keep their game libraries in one place, but because the Bethesda launcher is fraught with problems that usually plague less-developed software. The fact that there’s no automated process for refunds – instead requiring you to contact the customer support – is another problem here.

Customer issues aside, we have to imagine that this move was made to cut Valve out of their share of sales made on Steam. The usual cut here is 30% going to Valve, but it’s been said that large publishers like Bethesda can negotiate a better deal.

While some people do abuse Steam’s “no questions asked” refund policy, we think some of Bethesda’s bugged launches do necessitate getting your money back, especially as Fallout 76 is going to a multiplayer affair.

If none of this deters you, the Fallout 76 beta will likely be live in October with Xbox One  players having access to it first. Those who pre-order the game will have access as well, and the full release will happen on 14th November.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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