Sandton iStore and Think Ahead hosting coding camps for kids

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Is your child currently on school holiday and only sitting in front of the TV or phone doing nothing constructive? Then a recent coding camps partnership between iStore South Africa and Think Ahead may be of interest to you.

The pair have launched a series of coding camps to be held at the Sandton iStore called FutureSpace.

Billed as showcasing the “classroom of the future”, these classes are aimed at computer programming and computational thinking.

The camps are split into three distinct groups and targeted at different coding levels and capabilities, with Grade 1 to 3, Grade 4 to 7 and Grade 8 to 10.

The classes are happening on select dates between now (13th August) and 31st August, with prices ranging between R350 to R700 depending on the hours required and degree of understanding that the course requires.

Some of the more interesting classes include App Development with Swift (Grade 4 to 7), YouTube Creators (Grade 8 to 10) and GirlCodeFriday (Grade 4 to 7).

The cost for the camps include refreshments and a certificate at the end, but no mention of whether a notebook or PC will be provided during the course, so be sure your kid has one of their own if needed.

For more information about the FutureSpace coding camps contact [email protected]

[Image – CC0 Pixabay]


Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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