With Shadow of the Tomb Raider launching this month, we’re returning to an impressive 3D print from a past game.

Maker John Brown recreated the compound bow as its seen in Rise of the Tomb Raider, using Fusion 360 to remix several other designs into one detailed model.

Brown added in secondary cams and a grip, both of which made the design more accurate to the game.

Printing in PLA on a Flashforge Creator Pro took only 10 hours, but much finishing was needed to make it look proper.

After using putty, filler and sandpaper to smooth everything down, the plastic was roughed up with a file to give it that damaged look.

A Zippo knockoff was similarly abused and then added to the print to mimic the fire and explosive arrows upgrade. This is only one of the non-plastic parts here, with metal pins for the sights and steel bolts used to hold sections together as well as for aesthetic reasons.

The cabling was made using nylon cord usually reserved for blinds. These were painted with red and black acrylics to match the game but are, unfortunately, not functional.

The rest of the bow was similarly painted with a matte black as the base with silver highlights. The faux carbon fibre was accomplished with a mix of metallic silver and grey sprayed through a grid.

A black wash was applied over this, and more weathering was done using a mix of black and umber acrylics. Finally Rub And Buff was applied on the edges to add in the look of extra wear.

Those looking to make their own bow can find the files to do so available for free on Thingiverse. The version you see on this page is a metre long and 30 centimetres across, so budget enough filament if you want to go full size here.

And, if this one just isn’t for you, we’ve also featured the Sharpshot bow from Horizon Zero Dawn that made the rounds last year.

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