Audi is set to unveil its all-electric car later this month, with this production model e-tron SEV being the first of four the company plans to have hit the road between now and 2020.

Along with the upcoming debut, the German carmaker has confirmed that the e-tron SUV is already being mass produced.

The EV is being produced at the company’s factory in Brussels, with the facility undergoing an extensive renovation in 2016, it could be the location where Audi produces all of its upcoming e-tron cars.

Peter Kössler, board of management member for production and logistics at AUDI AG and Patrick Danau, MD of Audi Brussels.

As for the SUV, it has been spotted in “camouflage” in recent months, such as the version in the header image above, but there are still quite a few details missing about the vehicle ever since Audi first debuted as a concept three years ago.

What is known at the moment, however, is that the SUV will have capacity for five seats, which means it will be more in line with the dimensions of the Audi Q3.

Added to this is 95kWh battery powering the vehicle, with it featuring DC fast charging capabilities. In terms of driving range it is said to muster 500 kilometres before a recharge is needed, but some reports suggest the range has been lessened.

If so, it should be interesting to hear why Audi would do so, especially as driving range is perhaps the most important element to consider when looking at EVs.

There’s no word on when the models currently on the production line will be landing in select regions across Europe (and hopefully South Africa shortly thereafter), with more information likely coming at the 17th September unveiling.

The e-tron SUV will be one of several new vehicles to be showcased that week, with the Frankfurt Motor Show happening at the same time.

With Audi one of a number of carmakers investing heavily in all-electric cars, the next few years could prove quite interesting for the motoring world.

Now the only thing left to do is see whether local infrastructure for EVs and hybrid cars will be improved.