You might not know it but Uber insures every single ride you take with it.

The insurance is provided by Chubb Insurance and the firm has today announced that it will be increasing the amount of cover for riders.

In the event of injury or death while on an Uber trip Chubb Insurance will provide insurance to the value of R200 000 per person. This is an increase from the R50 000 in cover the firm offered previously.

In addition to the injury and death cover Chubb Insurance will also cover loss or damage of personal possessions up to R2 500 should an accident occur on trip.

You can check out the full extent of Chubb’s cover for Uber rides below.

  • Reimbursement for emergency medical expenses up to R50 000 and an immediate lump sum payment of R 1 500
  • Accidental Death Benefit of R200,000 and R 15 000 to cover burial expenses will be reimbursed
  • Permanent Disability of up-to R200,000 (the amount depends on the severity of the disability)
  • Daily Confinement Payment – a daily amount for each 24-hour period of Hospital confinement up to a maximum period of 30-days (first 24 hours confinement is not covered)
  • Lost or damaged passenger goods up to R2500

In the event of an accident riders can contact Uber 24/7 through the app or through Uber’s Incident Response Call Back line.

This increased cover comes at no charge to the rider and has been in effect since 1st August.


Following a request from Uber South Africa this article has been updated to remove the word “free” from the body copy as the insurance provided by Chubb Insurance does carry a cost which Uber absorbs. The cover provided by Chubb Insurance does not carry a cost for riders.

Due to the way our website’s filing system works we have had to update the headline in such a way that we don’t have doubles of a story on the site.