Continuing the trend of YouTube content creators branching out into other mediums, h3h3Productions has just launched a game called Ball Rider.

Like most mobile titles this has a fairly simple set of mechanics you control a ball (Ethan Klein) and use a pointer (Hila Klein) to fly in different directions down an infinite hallway.

Avoid traps, pick up powerups and collect currency to progress and unlock new stuff. It’s all standard fair here, including microtransactions.

Through the game you will get chests that have wait timers that can be skipped using a premium currency. It’s a bit of an insult early in the game when you get your first chest and a voice over from Ethan even bemoans the long wait. A video ad can also be watched in lieu of using currency.

We’ve had a few tries of the game and it’s exceedingly average. While the visuals are fine and the music is actually very catchy, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before and we can’t think of why anyone would devote time to it outside of dedicated fans of h3h3Productions.

One sore point here is the lacklustre voice acting from the Kleins, which was a complaint in the pair’s previous outing in games such  as DLC for PayDay 2.

That being said, the game is free to play on iOS and Android, so you may as well give it a spin and make your own decisions about it.