EA Sports’ latest football game, FIFA 19, will make its cross-platform debut later this month.

28th September to be more precise, but for those gamers who aren’t able to wait that long, the demo for FIFA 19 will be available for download tomorrow (13th September).

It won’t showcase all of the new elements that EA has been working on for the title, but should serve as a fairly accurate representation for what actual gameplay will be like.

For the demo, gamers will be able to pick between 10 fully licensed teams, including the likes of Real Madrid and Juventus.

As such, it affords you the opportunity to see how Los Blancos have been getting along since the departure of one Cristiano Ronaldo, who also happens to be the cover athlete for the game.

Another element that will feature in the demo is the Champions League, which is now an official part of the FIFA 19. It will likely give you a taste of the atmosphere surrounding the tournament, which is fully licensed now.

Also included is part of the third season of The Journey, which will see the storylines expand a bit further than that of fictional English footballer Alex Hunter, as previous iterations did.

While The Journey has been a nice addition to the game modes of FIFA, it is still Ultimate Team and Career.

If you’re a keen FIFA gamer, download the FIFA 19 demo and let us know your thoughts of the game on Twitter and Facebook.

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