There’s an Apple Event happening tonight, and it should be one of the more interesting ones.

Not because the Cupertino-based company has a revolutionary piece of consumer tech in the works like last year’s iPhone X, but rather as the world is waiting to see if Apple actually has anything worthwhile.

While the build up to the event has not been particularly memorable, we can still round-up all the recent rumours and preview what is expected ahead of the Apple keynote live stream, which kicks off at 19:00 local time tonight by the way.


The big attraction tonight will be the new smartphones, with three anticipated for unveiling by Apple.

The first is a slightly updated version of last year’s iPhone X, with it reportedly being named the iPhone XS. The “S” moniker is one that Apple has used in the past, and specifically for models where the updates and improvements have been kept to a minimum.

There is also a larger version of the XS, called the iPhone XS Max which could come with a 6.5″ display with screen notch in tow.

The third device expected tonight is not an X-branded one, but rather a phone aimed at replacing the current iPhone 8 model. It is said to have an LCD bezel-less screen, Face ID and should be a lot cheaper than the XS devices.

If all these devices get unveiled tonight, it will serve as a clear indication that facial recognition and not fingerprint sensors will be the biometric system of choice for the Apple ecosystem.

Apple Watch

While the iPhone has lost a bit of its lustre and slipped behind Samsung and Huawei offerings of late, Apple is still leading the wearables market with its Watch.

Tonight will therefore see the company debut a new iteration, the Apple Watch Series 4, with it said to be receiving its first significant redesign since 2015.

To that end a bigger display is in the works, with an edge-to-edge screen and slightly less physical bezel. LTE is also being reported for the Series 4.

Under the watch face, an EKG is also going to be integrated, which should offer more accurate heart monitoring, not just for workouts, but for early detection of possible conditions as well, say reports.


Despite the wave of memes that arrived shortly after the Apple AirPod earphones were announced, it looks like the audio devices are here to stay.

So much so that Apple is expected to debut a new version, although the changes will be focused on the internal elements rather than design.

This new iteration is said to feature an improved wireless chip which will facilitate hands-free Siri activation.

Along with the second-gen AirPods, Apple is also rumoured to be working on a pair of over-ear headphones that will sit outside the Beats portfolio.

Tune in

As aforementioned the Apple keynote starts at 19:00 tonight. You can watch it live here, provided your notebook browser of choice is Safari on macOS Sierra 10.12 and up, or PC using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge.

We’ll be live tweeting all the details, so be sure to follow us on Twitter should the data for a live stream be too big a burden. All the key announcements will also appear on our site shortly thereafter.