LG has launched a clever little service today where customers can contact tech support over WhatsApp.

The service essentially removes the need for folks to contact a call centre and be put on hold for ages a few minutes only to find that you now need to wait for a technician to come through and fix the issue.

Make no mistake, you probably will still be waiting for a technician in most cases but at least now you won’t have to wait on hold for the better part of 30 minutes to learn that.

LG says that customers can now use “all forms of WhatsApp messaging” (aside from WiFi calling and voice calls) to log a support ticket.

Customers can snap a photo of the appliance that is giving them grief along with the serial number and send it through to the tech support team. In addition customers can send a voice note or video explaining the problem to an LG service representative.

The advantage of using WhatsApp is that customers can log a support ticket at any time. Issues submitted after hours (between 17:00 and 08:00) will be attended to the next day.

Once an issue has been logged a repair will be scheduled to take place at the address provided by the customer.

“One of our main objectives at LG is to make life easier for our customers. Instead of them phoning a call centre and waiting to be attended to, we thought we’d take the frustration out of this process. With our WhatsApp service, customers simply text one of our agents and while they’re waiting for a reply, they can engage in other activities,” explained managing director at LG South Africa, CY Kim.

To make use of the LG WhatsApp Service simply add 084 334 4555 to your contact book and start a conversation.