South Africa has lucked out in terms of getting the latest products from Apple in a timely manner.

During the Apple Special Event last night we learned that our country would be getting the latest iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max on 28th September, one week after the rest of the world gets their hands on it.

Now iStore in South Africa has informed us that the Watch Series 4 will arrive on the same date.

The Nike+ Series 4 will arrive in South Africa on 5th October.

The Watch Series 4 is a rather impressive piece of kit boasting the ability to run an ECG and monitor your heart rate for anomalies.

As we reported last night the smartwatch has a new accelerometer that is able to detect if a user takes a particular nasty fall. This feature in particular could come in handy for the elderly, or perhaps a user that has been in a cycling or motorbike accident.

There’s no word on pricing just yet but with pre-orders set to open on 21st September through the iStore we won’t have to wait too long for those details.