Spotify has a pretty significant change on the way.

According to Rolling Stone the music streaming platform recently released an update which increases the number of songs that a Premium-tier user can download offline.

The previous limit was sitting at 3 333 songs, with users capable of downloading the same amount on three separate devices, effectively taking the total to just one shy of 10 000.

Now the limit has been bumped up substantially to 10 000 songs, with the added bonus of downloading that many on five separate devices, which adds up to 50 000 tracks.

As such it should prove more than enough for Spotify Premium users who enjoy downloading songs for offline listening, which means those long-haul and overseas flights are well and truly taken care of.

We’re yet to see the update take effect locally, but a Spotify spokesperson has advised Rolling Stone that it will be rolling out to Premium users in coming days.

Whether this will boost the number of Premium sign-ups remains to be seen, especially as the previous limit was fairly extensive as is.

Nevertheless, having more is rarely a bad thing.