Back in April the small YouTube channel “vmln8r” did the rounds with a slew of impressive Nintendo Switch accessories all made out of LEGO.

We’ve been watching the channel like a hawk since then and they’ve delivered with a second video with the same format: a quickfire demo reel of multiple interesting builds.

On the docket today is vertical grip, a piano intended to be used with Labo, a handlebar steering system, and a fishing setup.

Those interested in a vertical grip may see this as an alternative to the crowdfunded Flip Grip.

Unfortunately none of the builds here come with instructions or a parts list. Some, like the grip, should be easy enough to reverse engineer, but the others are far more complex.

You may notice a special 3D printed Joy-Con rail was used to interface with the LEGO. The YouTube description does state that this solution isn’t perfect, so you may need to do a bit of remixing to meet your needs.

While some may be irritated by the fact that this isn’t a purist builds – that is a LEGO creation that uses non-LEGO pieces – we understand that it’s sometimes necessary.

We’ve created a pair of LEGO accessories ourselves in a cart holder and charging stand / carry case combo and understand how difficult it can be to only use official parts. We’re all for going third party when the novelty runs out and you need something to be more permanent or secure.

If you’d like to fully go the 3D printing route, you have many more options.

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