Cryptocurrency wallet and exchange Luno has announced that it is expanding its operations in Africa.

This kicks off with the opening of a new headquarters in Johannesburg. This office will serve as Luno’s HQ in Africa.

“This strategic gateway to Africa is a fundamental step in Luno’s ambitious plan for rapid expansion across the continent, where they are already the market leader in South Africa and Nigeria,” Luno said in a statement announcing the opening.

The firm is currently on a recruitment drive to and is on the hunt to fill 30 roles. Luno says that it there may be more positions on the cards as it expands in Africa.

At the moment Luno has over 250 employees in London, Singapore, Cape Town, Lagos, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

Luno cofounder Marcus Swanepoel says that the time is now right for expansion into Africa.

“While we were the first crypto company to operate in Africa, our presence has been largely limited to Nigeria and South Africa. We’ve been closely monitoring the rest of the African market and believe that the time is now finally right for a dynamic expansion across other African markets,” said Swanepoel.

The co-founder and chief executive officer at Luno went on to champion the benefits of cryptocurrency and said the firm would be investing a “significant amount of capital and resources into our African expansion”.

“We look forward to working closely with governments, regulators and financial institutions to help create an environment that fosters innovation and job creation that will contribute to broad scale growth, drive economic opportunities and ultimately, real value for consumers,” Swanepoel concluded.