BMW’s project “i” initiative has been going since 2013 and in those five years have yielded a handful of hybrid vehicles with the i3 and i8 being the most notable. Now the Bavarian carmaker has offered a glimpse at its latest offering – the BMW iNEXT.

That probably won’t be its proper name when the iNEXT comes to market, but for now it remains a futuristic concept vehicle that we can gawk at. As for when it will be hitting the roads, the BMW iNEXT is slated for arrival sometime in 2021, and we’re hoping it looks as close to the one featured in the images and video below.

BMW is classing this new concept as a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV), but it still remains to be seen just how sporty its credentials are, as the German company has not mentioned precisely how much off-roading it will be capable of pulling off.

As far as what makes the BMW iNEXT distinct from the vehicles that have come before it, the most notable change is the front end, with a “beaver tooth” grille replacing the iconic kidney-shaped one. While it’s an interesting change-up, we hope BMW retains the kidney-style for the majority of its post-2021 cars.

The engine powering the BMW iNEXT is all-electric, but again details are slim as to what kind of kWh capacity, driving range and top speed it will yield.

The rest of the cabin is quite cutting edge too, with a series of panels that will bring up all kinds of vehicle data for drivers. As such, pretty much all the surfaces on the dashboard will feature some sort of touch-interface.

Sadly BMW is remaining tight-lipped on whether these touchscreen heavy interior design will be a part of the fully fledged version of the iNEXT when it arrives in 2021, but we’re holding thumbs that it will.

With 2021 still some time away, we’ll have to wait awhile until the BMW iNEXT comes to fruition, so for now we’ll have the video below to tide us over.

Press play and lament the fact that your life is not as idyllic as the people in the video.