A new feature is now available on Twitter.

We use the term feature rather loosely here though, as all the social media platform has done is move live broadcasts to the top of your timeline.

It now makes it easier for users to see what the accounts they follow on Twitter are doing, especially if video is the main thing they do on the social media app.

The feature is available to both iOS and Android users, with it rolling it via an update over the past few days.

As such, if you have not received it already, you should be doing so later this week. Twitter also confirmed that audio-only live broadcasts are also supported in a similar fashion, which could certainly come in handy for podcasts or accounts that conduct a lot of interviews.

While this feature will indeed make it easier to view the live video content from accounts you follow, it also points to how Twitter may be viewing the future of its platform.

With video consumption via mobile becoming less of a hurdle in terms of data charges, and it often being the go-to method for many users, making one’s platform more “video-friendly” makes a lot of sense for Twitter.

Whether this latest addition is part of a larger plan to bring more video content to the fore on Twitter remains to be seen.

For now, simply enjoy the latest live stream from your favourite account.