The second half of 2018 has served up some great games so far, and aiming to keep the streak going is Fallout 76 which makes its debut on 14th November.

Before that though, a beta for those who pre-order the online multiplayer title is arriving on 23rd October for Xbox One and 30th October for PS4 and PC.

In order to drum up even more interest in this hotly anticipated title, Bethesda has dropped a new trailer (age gate) which features the actual in-game intro for Fallout 76.

As with previous trailers for Fallout games, this one mixes a bit of 50’s style advertising and post apocalyptic imagery. The result is the usual quasi-propaganda feel that the Fallout franchise is known for, with Vault 76 and its brave inhabitants taking up much of the focus.

While it will feature many of the franchise’s hallmarks, Fallout 76 is set in West Virginia 25 years before a series of nuclear explosions, and that means that gangs of raiders will not feature.

That said, we’re sure that Bethesda has cooked up a few more threats in the pre-Wasteland world.

To tide you over until the beta lands next month, hit play on the trailer below.